Interroll Products

英特诺滚筒输送机 校准输送机 RM 8240



英特诺滚筒输送机 直线型 RM 8210 / 8212

400V动力驱动的滚筒输送机 有两种运行模式。

永久动力驱动的平皮带输送机RM 8210是一种高性能的输送机,仅需400V动力驱动即可达到 15 m的输送距离。

借助电动执行器,这种输送机也可全部或部分地当作零压力积放输送机(RM 8212)使用。这类执行器可改装。它们由24V动



英特诺滚筒输送机 转弯型 RM 8220

转弯型滚筒输送机 会改变物料的输送方向。物料通过锥形滚筒在边框内保持对齐。平皮带驱动的转弯段由邻近的直线型模块驱动或是由独立的头部驱动。400V动力转弯输送机没有积放模式。


英特诺滚筒输送机 合流型 RM 8230

合流型输送机 可将侧向滚筒轨道以一个(30°或45°的)角度连接至主轨道。可用于将物料从滚筒上移出(例如,使用HPD(高性能转向装置)),或移至滚筒上。


Heavy Conveyors & Components

The Interroll Heavy range offers handling solutions for thetransportation of heavy goods on Euro, GKN Chep or industry specific pallets with unit loads of up to 15000 N (1500kg)

using combinations of the following component parts:

  • Roller Conveyor Modules (Driven Or Non- Driven)

  • Transfer Car

  • Chain Transfer

  • Turntable

  • Combination of transfer cars and turntables

This allows system designers to concentrate on more important tasks such as system integration, layout planning, controls, installation and commissioning.

Examples of conveyed goods:

  • Euro Pallets

  • GKN Chep Pallets

  • Industry Specific Pallets

  • Heavy Products

Typical Applications:

  • Warehousing Systems

  • Distribution Centers


  • Individual modules can be easily combined

  • Simple installation of modules on site

  • Simple installation of sensors and control peripherals using profile T slots

  • Integral cable channels

  • Pre-assembled modules ready for use

  • Low maintenance

  • Low top of roller height

  • Proven Interroll quality rollers

  • Product guidance using roller mounted guide flanges

  • Modern aesthetic design

  • Robust construction

  • Drive: 3-phase, 400 V/50 Hz or 460 V/60 Hz